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LSC Consulting
Create the great together !
LSC Consulting
Create the great together !
LSC Consulting
Create the great together !



LSC Consulting is a consulting firm specializing in the field of health (pharmacies, medical devices, high medical technologies, food supplements, organic cosmetics, etc.). We assist companies in their development in new European and Chinese markets. Our experience and knowledge of these markets, as well as our cultural approach, allows us, among other things, to accelerate the commercialization process of the technology to markets, reduce costs and improve the efficiency of adaptation and application.

Main activities

Market Access & International Strategy

We work closely with regulators in Asia and Europe to develop a product-specific regulatory approval strategy. We establish a schedule and budgets to minimize risk and increase the likelihood of regulatory approval.

Tariff strategy & Sales channels

We continuously develop international distribution channels, define and evaluate the branding strategy of the products. Our extensive network of physicians, government officials, regulatory professionals and industry experts allows us to better define the strategy.

Financing Solution & Partnership Project

We connect different actors such as: R & D projects, start-ups, growing companies and institutional investors as part of a pipeline development and internationalization strategy. We also support these actors in finding financing solutions, form partnerships and organize exchange workshops between professionals.

Fusion Sourcing & Acquisition

We evaluate potential targets, understand the value chain, estimate potential synergies and organize discussions between buyer and seller.

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