Our Main Activities

We provide our clients with tailored consulting solutions. We provide on-site consulting projects and local implementation projects, with long-term strategic and operational development. Our customers appreciate what we listen to and respond to their needs, the commercial pragmatism of our people and our total commitment to seeing them succeed.

We work closely with regulators in Asia and Europe to develop a product-specific regulatory approval strategy. We establish a schedule and budgets to minimize risk and increase the likelihood of regulatory approval.

We continuously develop international distribution channels, define and evaluate the branding strategy of the products. Our extensive network of physicians, government officials, regulatory professionals and industry experts allows us to better define the strategy.

We connect different actors such as: R & D projects, start-ups, growing companies and institutional investors as part of a pipeline development and internationalization strategy. We also support these actors in finding financing solutions, form partnerships and organize exchange workshops between professionals.

We evaluate potential targets, understand the value chain, estimate potential synergies and organize discussions between buyer and seller.